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As a new entrepreneur, apps are some of your best resources for staying on track with your work.

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We can work with you to help identify potential opportunities and create a plan that works for you.No more headache figuring out how to get from point A to point B.

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Finding the perfect professional can be a big challenge, and it can take time away from other things that need to get done.We can use our resources to help you find them.

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While we are not professional accountants, we can help you set up the core systems you need to help your business keep on top of your finances.

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We analyze your existing system as well as your company’s needs, and we recommend new tools and software for you to invest in.

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How Having a Professional Video Decreases Bounce Rate From Your Website

Having a Professional Video on Your Homepage Will Decrease the Bounce Rate of Your Website As It Hooks People’s Interest

Bounce rate can affect your website’s overall rankings on the search engines. It is when a visitor comes to your site and leaves from the landing page. When you are running a successful website, you will want to keep an eye on your bounce rate quite frequently. This can be easily viewed using tools like Google Analytics.

When looking at bounce rates, you should branding-video-production-decrease-bounce-ratesstrive to hit below 30%, about 50% is considered to be average and anything above is quite high. Landing pages typically have higher bounce rates because visitors will scan through the page quickly and leave. When you have a higher bounce rate, this typically means the first impression you are making to visitors is not that great. This is where having videos on your landing pages can help grab the attention of visitors right away.

What Does a Professional Video Do for Your Website?

Having a quality video on your landing page can tell visitors about your company and provide more credibility behind your brand. It should be filled with content but also quick and to the point. While videos will lure visitors in, they don’t want to stick around for a long drawn out video. Instead, a creative, short and sweet video with just enough information will help them to stay.

If you only had 10 words that would tell visitors why they should buy from you, what would they be? This is a great question to ask yourself when you are preparing any video marketing campaigns on your website. You want to think through the eyes of visitors to your site when you start creating your videos.

Tim Elmes, a Fort Lauderdale real estate agent, saw higher calls from potential clients when he switched to a website that featured beautiful homes in Fort Lauderdale in the background. Once they become his official clients he would do a survey with his clients asking them what prompted them to pick up the phone and call. A majority of them said that besides from his good reputation, his website really outshined other competing realtors.

Tips for Video Production

A great tip for videos used on the landing pages in order to grab the attention of visitors is to make sure they have three key essential elements:decrease-bounce-rates-video

  • Visual appeal
  • Company credibility
  • Exclusivity

The appeal is the answer to the question, “How much need or desire is there for what you are trying to sell?

Company Credibility:
Do you want to ask how believable are the claims you are making about your company? While you want to be sure to promote your company in the best possible way, you don’t want to make claims that seem too good to be true. This is one thing that will definitely drive potential customers away.

Be sure when trying to market a service or sell a product you ask yourself if there are any similar products or services on the market that are better than what you have. You want to promote that your available services and products are one of a kind and the best around.


Using video production services can help provide your business with an opportunity to educate potential and current customers more about your services provided and products available. You want to be sure your customers are informed before they make a final decision. Those that take the time to make the best-informed purchasing decision are always much more satisfied with their purchase.

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